DISCLAIMER: I can be hard to get a hold of, I'm also a full time undergraduate UTEP Student and running this market is my weekend job that pays for my education. If I do not answer during regular business hours, I'm probably in class, in a meeting, or taking an exam. If I do not answer or send your call to voicemail please send me a message with your name and information. I prefer email communication but phone calls, text messages, and WhatsApp are fine.

I do not answer any phone calls made after 5PM or before 8AM. I do not answer phone calls on weekends. Please call during reasonable working hours. Otherwise send me a text message. Before contacting me, please use our website to answer your question. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I sign up to be a vendor?
- Read our vendor guidelines.

Is there space available this weekend?
- Click on the date you want on our website, it will show you which spaces are available for the weekend you want.

Can I cancel my space for the weekend?
- We do not issue any refunds for cancellations from vendors. You are welcome to sell your vendor space to another vendor. If you sell your space, you must send the other vendor a copy of your receipt and notify me of the change.

Do I need a license or a permit?
- That is a legal matter between you and the state of Texas. It is not my duty or obligation to enforce tax laws, if you choose to not have the right permits for your businesses that is totally your own risk and liability if we ever get inspected. Legally, I must state on our website that it is a requirement of the state that vendors have their necessary permits. The only vendors that do need to send us a copy of their permits are CBD vendors due to the sensitive legal nature of the CBD industry. 

I have a food truck and want to set up at the market, how much is it?
- We do not handle or manage the food trucks, that is managed by Upper Valley Food Truck Park. You'll have to visit the park in person on a weekend night to get more information.

If you are a customer, resident, city/state official, or media representative please contact us or leave us a message with any questions, concerns, or feedback. 

Phone: +1 (915) 355 - zero four seven nine
Sergio Aldrete (Market Coordinator)